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Dailux SA is a company specializing in the import of technological solutions in ecological energy.

Founded several years ago, the company quickly established a solid reputation as a provider of efficient, sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for companies, public establishments and individuals.

Thanks to its expertise, Dailux offers a wide range of products, ranging from LED tiles to professional luminaires and LED floodlights. All products offered are carefully selected for their superior quality, durability and effectiveness.

As an importer, Dailux maintains close relationships with well-known manufacturers to ensure top quality products and competitive prices.

The company is committed to providing products that meet the specific needs and requirements of each customer, while providing  to ensure optimum installation and use.

With a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, Dailux is proud to offer products that help protect the environment while providing significant savings for its customers.

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Provide optimal solutions with superior quality products and competitive prices.


Sustainability and environmental responsibility by allowing significant savings for its customers.

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